Another Article posted on Mental Health

Check out my newest article that was just listed at called, “How to get your loved ones the Mental Health help they need”.  I wrote this article because family members and friends need to know that there is a way to get help for someone, even when our loved one denies the need fpr that help.

My dealings with the mentally ill have taught me we all can have periods when our ability to make valid and useful decisions can become impaired.  At such times, if you make decisions that will cause harm to yourself or to anyone else, it is the responsibility of friends and family to keep you safe and to prevent any harm from occurring.  I wanted to let people know there are ways set up to accomplish this because getting mental health help can be difficult at best, but usually is very confusing and frightening for all involved.

I am watching the Healthcare Debate carefully to see if there is any relief for the mentally ill.  I hope you are, too.

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