Mental Health Startup Lantern Launches Tool To Manage Stress

Here is an article I found about an internet startup company that is trying to find a way to disseminate information about mental healthcare to the population at large.

I believe that treatment by a professional is always the best answer,  but I can see where this company is filling a need.  Although dealing with stress, anxiety and body image are the main focus here, I believe that if they are successful, there would be a broader focus.

Currently, in our society, people are afraid to seek out mental healthcare due to stigma or being labeled.  The other drawback to professional help is the cost.  This program seeks to remove both of these reasons preventing someone from seeking help.

Millions of people daily live miserable lives due to untreated issues.  At least with this program they can self-report and seek guidance.  That seems to me to be a win-win situation all around.

If someone uses this program and gets no relief, it would seem to me to indicate that professional help is required.  I don’t know what disclaimers they have but I hope they indicate when professional help is needed.

Please read the article at the source and feel free to leave me a comment.  What do you think about this program?  Tell me what you see as the upside and the downside to this type of online program.


Mental Health Startup Lantern Launches Tool To Manage Stress

One in five adults in America experienced a mental health issue last year, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Meanwhile, one in 10 people under the age of 18 went through a period of major depression in 2014. Despite the prevalence of mental health issues among both children and adults in the U.S., less than 20 percent of children and 44 percent of adults get treated.

Lantern, a mental health startup that has raised $4.4 million, aims to provide an accessible and more affordable option, and it just launched a new program for stress. In addition to stress, Lantern offers programs for anxiety and body image. When you first sign up for Lantern, you’ll take an assessment that will determine which of its three tracks is best for you. All of Lantern’s programs are based on cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, which examines the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

The programs, which are available on web and iOS, are designed to empower people to learn how to manage their anxiety, stress and/or body images on a daily basis. Lantern coaches, who are experienced behavioral change professionals trained in CBT, guide patients through the programs, give them feedback and help keep them accountable for reaching their goals.

Lantern offers a seven-day, no-commitment, free trial. After that, it costs $49 a month, which is a lot less than what I pay for therapy. Over the last three weeks, (read more here)

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