How to Give Support for Depression

One issue that is rarely addressed by the mental health profession is the need for social support and how to provide such support for depression in times of crisis.  Being in a relationship with someone who is depressed has its own problems that are in addition to any that you would normally find in any romantic relationship.

Depression is much more prevalent than we like to think.  When you are having a bad day and then realize you have been having bad days for months, you might be depressed.  When everything in your life seems to be spiraling out of control and nothing you do makes it any better, you may consider depression to be part of the problem.

Couples, just naturally, have issues they are constantly working on and striving to find the center point.  That is the nature of a relationship.  When one or both parties in the relationship are depressed, the issues become almost insurmountable and the depressed person may just give up.

Providing emotional and social support to a spouse or significant loved one is crucial to their ability to recover from the depression’s grasp.  The problem becomes just how far should you go to provide said support?  The trap is that you can easily become an enabler and that allows the partner to remain depressed without any pressure to recover.

This article below is well written and informative.  The author seems to understand how depression can destroy a relationship if it is not acknowledged and dealt with.  He seems to have personal experience with this issue, so please read the entire article.  You might just find the information you seek.


How to Support a Partner Struggling with Depression

Being in a romantic relationship when one (or both) of you suffer from depression is a massive challenge. Depression can make your partner seem distant. They may feel like they’re a burden or close themselves off. None of that means your relationship is the problem. You two can tackle this together. Here’s how.

As I’ve discussed before, I struggled with depression for years. That didn’t stop me from trying to have relationships, but it affected each one differently. It’s important to keep in mind that how depression manifests will vary not only from person to person, but relationship to relationship. We can give you some tips and suggestions, but only you and your partner can decide your boundaries, your compromises, and what you can handle.

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